storyteller's night

We know that throughout the scriptures there are stories of life, faith, and hope that all convey God’s story of redemption, healing, and restoration. We hear of stories of God’s work in the lives of God’s people. We also hear stories where God intervened in the midst of someone else’s pain. Storyteller’s Night was borne out of these kinds of experiences.

What is Storyteller’s Night? It’s simple: it is an opportunity – without an agenda – to share with others freely and openly about life, faith, and hope. It’s not about “giving” testimony. It’s something specific. It’s something that has been cultivating inside of you…and that has been divinely growing in your heart, either recently or for most of your life. It’s the good, the bad, and the (sometimes) ugly parts of our lives. It’s an opportunity for others to learn what it means to listen attentively with an open heart and receive what God wants us to learn from one another’s stories. It’s a chance, in many ways, for us to begin our journeys of healing. We know that people may be hesitant in sharing specific parts of their lives within the context of a church or religious services.

Storyteller’s Night is a space outside the walls of traditional places of worship to take a risk and to share what you thought you weren’t ready to share or wouldn’t share there. Think of it this way. What if your pastor, priest, or rabbi handed you the microphone during a community gathering and said, “You get five minutes. Share with us your story. No holds barred. Be honest. Just, don’t hold back.” So? If you’re wanting the space to come and share your story, join us for our next Storyteller’s Night in late March. Date TBA soon. You never know what might happen and how God might use your story to bring hope to someone else.